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How to Create Life to the Full
Moving Past Coping to Healing and Thriving HOW do we manifest God’s plan for our lives – life to the full (John 10:10)?
HOW do we crucify / eliminate negative emotional baggage and limiting beliefs?
HOW do we optimize God’s fearfully and wonderfully made brains/minds?
HOW do we better handle challenges in our lives?
HOW do we realize our desired outcomes/goals?
HOW to move past coping to healing and thriving?

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Book Chapters

  1. Foreword by Kyle Spears
  2. My Story – Plans for Marriage…and Then None
  3. God’s Plan for Life to the Full – John 10:10
  4. Spiritual Foundation
  5. Our Unconscious Mind Is in Control
  6. Stuck in Limiting Beliefs
  7. At Cause Versus Being at Effect
  8. My New Decisions & Keys to Achievable Outcomes
  9. What Good Is It? – Mark 8:36
  10. God’s Grace Meets Our Needs
  11. Our Brainpower – Creating Life to the Full
  12. Think on These Things – Philippians 4
  13. Chapter 12: Testimonies from: Priscilla Ojeda, Derick Stone, Michelle Wright, Courtney Wacker, Peter Awolumate, Melika Miller, Michele Smith, Ivette Brito, Danial Naqashi, Irene Umaña Lindo. Wendy Walker-Drakes, and Dana Wynne


What is Emotional Intelligence?
Interview by Kyle Spears
Image Bearers book interview with Otoma Edje, Bev Ozanne, and Dr. Tim Sumerlin!

Discussion Questions for Each Chapter

This resource can be used for personal study but will be most helpful if used with a group using 12-step principles for discussions.

Booklet Listing All Scripture Passages

There are a plethora of scriptures in Spiritual Transformation. This bonus will eliminate the need to look them up as you read.
Chapter 8 scriptures & passages
Scripture Passages
Discussion Questions

Book topics include:

  1. Take the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 appraisal – assessment is imperative!
  2. Life without EQ
  3. What is EQ?
  4. Master Your Mind
  5. The Cost of Repressing Emotions
  6. God, Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
  7. The Bible on the Four Core EQ skills
  8. Build Your EQ skills – The Bible on Emotional Intelligence 2.0’s 66 Strategies
  9. Time Line Therapy® – Transforming our Neurology
  10. Three Requisites for Mind Changes and Soul Transformations
  11. Is There Anything Helpful Outside of God’s Word?
  12. Testimonies

Spiritual Maturity
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Book Chapters

  1. What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You
  2. My Emotional Health and Healing Journey
  3. You Are Not Alone: The Power of Healing Discussion Groups
  4. My Personal Heroes: Courage and Healing
  5. Spiritual Foundation
  6. Dig a Little Deeper
  7. Numbing the Pain and Repeating the Cycle
  8. Our Fathers
  9. How to Change: More Than Just a Decision
  10. Still a Work In Progress
  11. Mental Health Disorders
  12. When to See a Professional
  13. Additional Change Models
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