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My Heroes – Madison’s Testimony

From feeling all alone without direction to healing through partners in personal growth and courage.

My greatest struggles have been depression, not trusting God, and fear. Reading Healing for Damaged Emotions by David Seamands and Beth Funk and participating in the support group discussions have been a great aide for me during a time in my walk with God that has been the hardest yet. I have specifically worked on understanding and battling my greatest struggles.

The book has given me insight to many of the issues I am dealing with from a psychological and Christian perspective, which is what I’ve been longing for. The group provides a safe place for me to spill my thoughts-with no judgment and plenty of people who surprisingly can relate to some of my thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

I’m still working through understanding my “family-of-origin issues.” I understand that my mom and grandmother were both overly cautious and very controlling. I understand that my father was distant and could have even been considered “absent” though we resided in the same home. Once my father left, it seemed that things fell apart with my mom. She seemed to be acutely depressed, as evidenced by the lack of keeping up the house and a disturbing increase of hoarding. This was also a turning point for me. I remember feeling more and more anxious and experiencing my first major depression. On top of my parents’ separation, there were additional major transitions taking place at the same time. I was overloaded and found security and safety in being alone or just with my mom. I hated going out to any events, felt extremely fragile and scared, felt that no one understood me and that there was no one to protect me, and felt safer with adults. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand grief and always felt that I was oversensitive. This made me turn inward all the more.

I had wanted to go to therapy for a while, but being part of the group helped me to really take that leap and seek further help. I was able to overcome my fears and benefit from a professional. The support I receive from our discussion group reminds me that I am not alone. It is especially comforting to feel that I can talk without feeling that everyone else is trying to “fix” me. Seamands’ book covers so many important topics that people struggle with and that I personally struggle with, and provides helpful illustrations and examples of each topic. The questions in the book gave me direction. I would recommend it (and already have) and participation in a group discussion to anyone.

Names of discussion group participants have changed for privacy.

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