Are you in balance?

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As a certified professional coach with an M.E.d. and an MBA, Cresenda has a solid foundation for helping clients achieve their goals. In addition, she has significant professional and volunteer experience in strategic planning, teaching, mentoring, spiritual leadership, public speaking, organizational leadership, and interpersonal relationship development. Her energetic passion towards a fulfilled life has helped many people develop a deeper self-knowledge, move closer to meeting their goals, and fulfill their dreams.

Cresenda is trained to assist clients to transform their financial, health and wellness, relational, spiritual, emotional, and professional lives. After a vision statement is developed, she will partner with you to create and follow a plan that will enable you to overcome roadblocks, grow personally, be fulfilled, accomplish your goals, and realize your dreams.

Despite early, family financial struggles and challenges, Cresenda has always worked to achieve her full potential and make a positive difference in our world. After eight years of determined focus on her personal growth, Cresenda transformed her life from a Type-AAA personality to a more peaceful one. With vulnerability and compassion, Cresenda continues to serve others both professionally and through volunteering in her community.

Cresenda brings her warmth, skills, expertise, and resources to support her clients. Her clients experience encouragement, professionalism, sustainable results, quality service, and magnificent care.

Born in Washington, DC, Cresenda now lives in the South Florida. She has been mentoring since 1987.