Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Maturity: God’s Will for Emotional Health and Healing discusses how important it is for us to really know ourselves. Readers will be reminded of the fact that, as disciples, we are not alone. We have God and His fellowship of believers who have experienced similar “heart and soul” emotional pain, traumatic experiences and desires for personal growth. Disciples are encouraged to dig a little deeper to increase their emotional intelligence. Repetitive cycles are discussed in light of the increasing frequency of addictions, self-sabotaging behavior and unhealthy relationships. Since fathers have such a gigantic influence on our lives, a chapter is dedicated to exploring the importance of this relationship and its impact. Readers will also be provided with information on the change process. An understanding of this process will help Christians to meet their personal growth goals. Lastly, testimonies of disciples who have ventured to be “born again emotionally” are shared as inspiring examples.

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