Mindpowered Singles

One of the most challenging journeys that many who follow Christ experience is that of singleness. If there is a book to address the specific emotional-spiritual needs singles have, this book is the one. It should be a principal read. As a mental health professional who integrates spirituality, Cresenda Jones addresses emotional-spiritual challenges with clarity. Although the book is informative, it also provides space for a process to take place. Cresenda helps the reader all the way from assessment to action steps. In addition to a process-oriented approach, she addresses the deeply complicated aspects that are unique to singleness. Furthermore, her own transparency with regard to her own losses is as piercing a testimonial as I’ve come across in some time. One of the most exciting aspects of Cresenda’s approach is her understanding of trauma. Cresenda displays an advanced understanding. I endorse Cresenda’s approach, as her material addresses the crux of trauma, our subconscious selves. Romans 8:28 is an apt scripture that sums up what Cresenda communicates in this book. Her book is a survival guide for those who want to go from surviving to thriving.

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