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Spiritual Transformation

For spiritual growth, emotional intelligence is a blind spot or a missing link for many of the “fires” ministers have to attempt to put out. EQ is the missing link for many involved in the restoration of a purity ministry. EQ is the missing link for disciples who just can’t seem to get unstuck in their lives. EQ, no matter how committed we are to spiritual disciplines, is imperative for many and their relationship with God, peak performance and growth.

  1. Take the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 appraisal – assessment is imperative!
  2. Life without EQ
  3. What is EQ?
  4. Master Your Mind
  5. The Cost of Repressing Emotions
  6. God, Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
  7. The Bible on the Four Core EQ skills
  8. Build Your EQ skills – The Bible on Emotional Intelligence 2.0’s 66 Strategies
  9. Time Line Therapy® – Transforming our Neurology
  10. Three Requisites for Mind Changes and Soul Transformations
  11. Is There Anything Helpful Outside of God’s Word?
  12. Testimonies

Mindpowered Singles

One of the most challenging journeys that many who follow Christ experience is that of singleness. If there is a book to address the specific emotional-spiritual needs singles have, this book is the one. It should be a principal read. As a mental health professional who integrates spirituality, Cresenda Jones addresses emotional-spiritual challenges with clarity. Although the book is informative, it also provides space for a process to take place. Cresenda helps the reader all the way from assessment to action steps. In addition to a process-oriented approach, she addresses the deeply complicated aspects that are unique to singleness. Furthermore, her own transparency with regard to her own losses is as piercing a testimonial as I’ve come across in some time. One of the most exciting aspects of Cresenda’s approach is her understanding of trauma. Cresenda displays an advanced understanding. I endorse Cresenda’s approach, as her material addresses the crux of trauma, our subconscious selves. Romans 8:28 is an apt scripture that sums up what Cresenda communicates in this book. Her book is a survival guide for those who want to go from surviving to thriving.

  1. Foreword by Kyle Spears
  2. My Story – Plans for Marriage…and Then None
  3. God’s Plan for Life to the Full – John 10:10
  4. Spiritual Foundation
  5. Our Unconscious Mind Is in Control
  6. Stuck in Limiting Beliefs
  7. At Cause Versus Being at Effect
  8. My New Decisions & Keys to Achievable Outcomes
  9. What Good Is It? – Mark 8:36
  10. God’s Grace Meets Our Needs
  11. Our Brainpower – Creating Life to the Full
  12. Think on These Things – Philippians 4
  13. Chapter 12: Testimonies from: Priscilla Ojeda, Derick Stone, Michelle Wright, Courtney Wacker, Peter Awolumate, Melika Miller, Michele Smith, Ivette Brito, Danial Naqashi, Irene Umaña Lindo. Wendy Walker-Drakes, and Dana Wynne

Spiritual Maturity

Without emotional intelligence and personal growth, our lives will be like the seed that fell among thorns (Luke 8:14). We will not be able to most effectively or spiritually handle life’s worries, riches, and pleasures, and we will not mature. This book addresses issues that we must consider in order to live as emotionally, spiritually, and relationally mature adults. Not a “quick read” book, it contains scriptures to contemplate, personal sharing, paradigm-changing insights, and reflection questions.

  1. What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You
  2. My Emotional Health and Healing Journey
  3. You Are Not Alone: The Power of Healing Discussion Groups
  4. My Personal Heroes: Courage and Healing
  5. Spiritual Foundation
  6. Dig a Little Deeper
  7. Numbing the Pain and Repeating the Cycle
  8. Our Fathers
  9. How to Change: More Than Just a Decision
  10. Still a Work In Progress
  11. Mental Health Disorders
  12. When to See a Professional
  13. Additional Change Models

Real People. Real Results

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Cresenda Jones

Cresenda’s goal and purpose is to teach, train and guide individuals to refine thinking and generate more results. She utilizes the most innovative human-transformation methods used in training & performance development today. She assists clients to transform their financial, health and wellness, relational, spiritual, emotional, and professional lives.

With Master’s degrees in Professional Counseling, Business and Education, Cresenda is an expert in Spiritual, Personal & Professional Development. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), NLP Coaching, and Time Line Therapy®. All of these techniques have been proven to be effective in helping people and companies generate amazing results.

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