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We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.
2 Corinthians 10:5


Julie Barton, Quad City Church of Christ, Davenport, Iowa


Gayle/Connie Knutson, Triangle Church


Jack Manuputy, Instructional Systems Designer


Lori Londagin, Accountant and NW Arkansas Church member

Fernando Alejandro

The breakthrough process and Time Line Therapy@ has been an invaluable experience for me. In a relatively short period of time, it has allowed me to revisit events from my past, disassociate the negativity that surrounded them, and secure positive learning’s that have helped me break free from the negative thought patterns I had developed over time. Not only have the sessions been helpful, but Cresenda’s advice, assignments, and tools/articles shared along the way have helped continue the progress beyond the meeting times. The self learning is another invaluable aspect of Time Line Therapy@. Becoming aware of the underlying beliefs that have influence over our thoughts and actions, and being able to address them at their root makes this process so beneficial. We can underestimate how much events from our past can shape our perceptions in the present, and therefore can dictate our future. Becoming aware of this and addressing the false meanings we internalized from these past events helps us to move forward while leaving the old thought patterns behind. The creative visualization used Time Line Therapy@ shows how much our mind attaches meaning to images, and can be used as a tool to re-work how we think and feel about events in our lives. It’s a useful technique, and takes advantage of how our minds work to convey meaning to us. It’s been a great experience, and I would recommend with two pieces of advice: you have to be entirely committed to the process, and you have to truly desire change. Half-heartedness is not rewarded by this process. Full commitment is the minimum requirement to make progress. But the progress you make is worth the effort, and worth the commitment. Personal growth is always a worthwhile investment.

Kenda Moloney

God is so good and in so many ways! The NLP Breakthrough process, with Cresenda, was one of the many good God things for me! I was feeling particularly stuck in my life, I was living an urgent life vs an important life and I was stressed, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It was VERY unpleasant and debilitating and I knew a change was wanted and needed. In the past, I have benefited from counseling, helpful books, and support in many ways and so I didn’t really understand how the breakthrough process would work, but trusted God, Cresenda and the breakthrough process… and I stand in AWE at how it has changed my emotional state of being and my thinking! I feel more capable, in every way imaginable, to live my future to its fullest and, satisfying potential, for me, and I’m VERY excited to do so, even in the face of some challenging circumstances, which is AMAZING to me. I would recommend this process to anyone and Cresenda is a GREAT coach! It can change your life and it’s a life change I would recommend!

David J. Marsh, Legacy Equity Group

Cresenda is an amazing practitioner! My breakthrough session with her was an absolute game changer!! I feel cleansed, clear and ready to go conquer my life while achieving at much higher levels.

Natalie Ludewig, LCSW ExodusSynergy

Rage and anger held me prisoner for too long! I had already been through 25+ years of therapy with varied therapists and therapeutic modalities, with only marginal success. I had also read tons of self-help books, been to specialized therapeutic groups and professionally trained and administered various modalities of therapy. Yet nothing really seemed to penetrate the core place in which my original injuries were held. And without any reservation, I can now say that this therapy style was Unique and Powerful! I now am Free to have a normal range of emotions and intensity levels that match the situations in the present. To God be the Glory!

Jane Munson

My life has been an emotional roller coaster ride for as long as I can remember. I thought counseling was the best way to get healthy and to understand myself. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to go through the Time Line Therapy@ breakthrough process with Cresenda. She helped me to think differently and come to an understanding of the key points in my life. The process was right to the point and it only took 8 hours for me to let go of some deep hurts that have held me back. I now know that I can forgive others and not blame myself for their actions. Recently, my marriage fell apart due to infidelity. I have always blamed myself. I thought, if only I was a better wife! The Time Line Therapy@ helped me go back to understand my upbringing, why I didn’t respect myself, and why I allowed people to hurt me. I’m a different women now! Thanks Cresenda!

Alicia Davis

I always had a spirit of low-ness about me, even when I’d have periods of becoming light hearted – it would always return. I initiated the breakthrough process with Cresenda because I realized I was in a pattern of making choices that did not represent the person that I felt I truly was. With the tools, I have been given and the new decisions I have made; I now have a way to leave the damage of the experiences I’ve been through that came with damaged emotions and limited thinking. I am SO glad to be free now and am convinced that this therapy was the tool God used to answer my prayers and respond to my hope in Him.

Hazel Wong, The Nature Conservancy

Cresenda possesses great listening skills. She is adept at helping clients to explore and solve problems in a constructive manner. She is focused, goal oriented and a strategic thinker. More importantly, she brings her heart, experience and no-nonsense approach that will help you to succeed in all aspects of your life.

Kim Pullen, Author & Teacher |

Separated for four years due to my husband’s adultery and miraculously reconciled for three years in a resurrected and God-glorifying marriage, I could not break the chains of emotional hurt and internal rage triggered by thoughts of my husband’s former affair partner. When Cresenda told me she could help me quickly resolve these feelings, I was skeptical. Boy, was I proved wrong! The extraordinary Time Line Therapy® effectively and efficiently helped me re-write my painful experiences by seeing them through objective eyes. For the first time in seven years, I feel free and empowered knowing I don’t have to be a prisoner to my pain or the past. As a guide for spouses isolated and emotionally imprisoned by sexual betrayal, I will be recommending Cresenda and Time Line Therapy® to my clients.

Nikki Carter, South Florida Church

Ridding your mind of toxic thinking is equally as important as ridding your life of sin. A freed mind can be given wholly to the work of God. A caged mind is the seed that fell among the thorns. I consistently had chest pain and problems with my knees. Many times, I didn’t feel like I could breathe or move my neck. Because of my past emotions and feelings of powerlessness, I had daily headaches and intense shoulder pain. My anxiety was like a thick fur coat in South Florida. I felt that God loves everyone but me. I didn’t think I could get past sadness. I was able to release it all. I’ve been freed from life’s baggage because I finally understand that I have the choice to put it down.

Claudia Anduze, Salon Manager and Hairstylist

I was feeling stuck and extremely helpless in my life at some point. I prayed to God to help me. He answered. I started having therapy sessions with Cresenda. I mentioned to her my needs and what I felt like I was missing. She listened to me. She gave me tools to help me to find the things for which I was looking. She also showed me great compassion and I didn’t feel judged at all. With those qualities, God used her to help me open up a new chapter in my life.

June Willcott, P.E.

I am fortunate to have completed BREAKTHROUGH. The time I invested with Cresenda was remarkable. The process identified the root cause of my fear, anger, and sadness. The Time Line Therapy® removed feelings of anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt associated with events and over a lifetime. We were able to cover so many negative feelings and create new clear and positive teachings. We worked through healing my subconscious by providing voice and clarity to emotions and perceptions stored within. We planted new goals and teachings to renew my spirit, deepen my understanding, and set me free in profound ways. Cresenda is a wise, skillful, articulate, educated healer able to help identify and resolve negative feelings. She helped me transform my feelings of anger/fear/hurt/sad/guilt to feelings of delight/peace/tranquility/joy/blamelessness. I encourage others to start this Journey with joy and confidence.

Dana Wynne, Las Vegas School District & Greater Las Vegas Church of Christ

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I sat down to go through the process, but I was desperate. I am athletic and very active and have been hindered by my knees for years. My knees have had tremendous improvements since. I am able to sit and stand with little to no pain. It’s amazing how processing emotions & addressing our neurology/nervous system impacts us physically.

Veronica McQuiston, Accountant

I recently underwent time line therapy and it was amazing! I was able to get rid of the negative emotions of anger/resentment, sadness, fear/worry/stress/pressure/anxiety, hurt and guilt. These were lingering under the surface of my outward being, created and developed from my past and were often triggered by current life events. They produced in me unhealthy ways of coping (such as “just work harder” or “I’ve got to DO something” – my limiting decisions) and affected the quality of my everyday life. I still have these emotions now but they are event appropriate and I am no longer driven by my limiting decisions (which no longer make sense to me now). I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from me! I am more empowered, optimistic and happy! I feel like I have mental clarity, I am more focused and confident. I sleep better! I am able to make more sound decisions and define boundaries for myself that promote healthy relationships with others. I feel that Time Line Therapy has freed me from my past and I am very excited about my future! I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!

Diane Grey-Dunleavy, Retired & Greater Las Vegas Church of Christ

“I am finding myself in situations of testing that could have triggered anger, but, after Time Line Therapy® and with my continued reliance on God, now I am good!”

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